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MEEFUR company was founded in 2011. Over the past five years, the company perseveres in developing the innovation, importation and integration of full range of fur products, meanwhile the company leads the fur industry in many ways: the establishment of a brand new methodology of business management ‘SOOK’; the growth of integrated product categories; a dual-way online trading platform targeting at both of international and domestic markets——MEEFUR is created as a top brand.

With the unique online trading platform and an peerless capability of integrating resources, MEEFUR creates top value for global clients. Currently, the brand stands out for its real-time reaction to clients over the globe, no matter it is a one mink coat order, or an order of thousands of fur-fabricated coats. Besides, the brand is good at spotting the top material resource and quality with most appropriate price customized for clients, finished with on-time delivery to clients. MEEFUR introduced a brand new user-friendly, efficient way of trading.

MEEFUR sets up an icon amongst fur brands, geted from its consistent exploration and acute observations on the overall evolution of fur techniques over the decade. Since 1990s, China market has grown into the largest in terms of fur production around the world, while the mainstream trading method stops progressing at an insufficient traditional mode. MEEFUR, however, followed the Internet age and in 2011 it launched the online trading platform especially featuring the international markets. With the sense of the Internet, MEEFUR bridged resources from fur industry and established close connections to over a hundred fur corporations, which ideally meets the mutual which connected the enriched power of production in China fur industry to the promising global market.

Among other brands located at Yiwu Commodity Mall, MEEFUR ranks at the top and wins reputation because of its down-to-earth development and consistent growth. In the ever-growing China fur market, MEEFUR is among the rare brands that embraced the Internet methodology and successfully connected with the global markets by such a concept, hence the brand gained rich experience in marketing management, professional skills and sales management of fur against various countries.

MEEFUR online platform ensures the efficient management of information, products and investment, which realizes an easy access to China leading fur production points based in Guangzhou, Tongxian, Haining, Daying etc., and also global production bases in Moscow, St. Peterborough, Milan, New York etc. Nowadays, MEEFUR has already developed full networks globally, apart from China market, and the brand runs business in American, European and Asian markets.

MEEFUR: Specialize in innovation, importation and integration of fur resources

With a spirit of innovation, MEEFUR persist in the research on the trend of fur fashion and the perfection of fur technique and quality. By an acute sense, the rand can always successfully meet international clients’ requirement with the resources from domestic clients, and through the unique export channel, the brand proudly presents ideal products to clients over the globe. Over the five-year development, MEEFUR has expanded its fur collections into a full range of fur types——mink, fox, raccoon or rabbit coat, jacket, vest, scarf, hat, handbag etc., which are successfully exported into the international markets and influence the global fashion trend, winning an overwhelming affection of clients.

SOOK: the Key Competitive Edge

Founder and Managing Director of MEEFUR Mrs. Zhang has a far-sighted mind over the management of the brand, together with the team established a efficient trading method over the past ten years. “SOOK: small order is OK”makes MEEFUR the most trustworthy brand amongst others, which is the main reason of the brand’s development. Mrs. Zhang took the utmost useage of SOOK for its great business potential, though it is commonly regarded as ‘low profit, troublesome’ way of trading. Even MEEFUR has grown up into an established brand, SOOK is still taken as competitive edge.

One-decade Legend: Online Trading Platform Explores International and Domestic Markets

The brand moves forward to establish the top leading online trading platform in China with a long-term research and experiment. In a short term, MEEFUR expects to idealize the efficiency of supply chain based on the globalized online platform and SOOK methodology, to achieve a goal of bringing the exquisite trading experience to all the clients across the world who look forward to top fur products.

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